05 June 2016

A Virtual High-Five

I recently received an email from a Courtney Phillips who mentors a group of youngsters in her area. She said that they had visited my PastTense Genealogy website, checked out the resources, and wanted to give me a "High Five" for the resources I included on the site.

She then suggested I add this site to my list of resources - "History at Home - A Guide to Genealogy.

So thanks for the suggestion Courtney and class!! And a "High Five" right back to you for working on your own family history!


31 March 2016

The #mycolorfulancestry Craze

It seems like every genealogist on Facebook posted their version of the colorful Excel chart developed by Geneaspy blogger, J Paul Hawthorne. So without further ado, here's my 5-generation Excel chart showing the birthplaces of myself and my ancestors. As you can see, I am a New Englander.

And here's a 6-generation chart which shows a little bit of variation.