this post shalt be nameless

I have a confession. I haven't written creatively or created a single piece of art since someone close to me passed on nearly a year ago. I still go to work everyday, write the things I have to write and do the things I have to do. I've kinda sorta maintained my other blog - Unnai. But that's work-related, anything for fun or personal fulfillment has been left by the side of the road - untouched and unappreciated. Which brings me to this much neglected blog. My children tell me that I can't lie on the couch forever. I hear my ancestors calling for me to get up and get on with it. And so I shall - hopefully. Talk with you soon about my neglected ancestors. First up will be Molly Pegan Pollock Woodland, born about 1754. Kuttabotomish, Cher


  1. I am glad you are getting back up and into it.


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